We champion social justice, equity and inclusion. We employ our unique understanding of the economic and educational hurdles that affect diverse and underserved communities. We help people navigate a clear and forward path to economic mobility. We steward entrepreneurship and the STEM educational skills that are needed to thrive in the dynamic North Carolina ecosystem. 


Our mission is focused on three objectives; information sharing, teaching, and apprenticeship. Our core values guide our focus:  The Why, The How, and The What.  

  • The Why – Sharing is the optimal approach to growth. We believe that intelligent design is inspired by exposure to new ideas and concepts. A thriving community (entrepreneurs, students, private & public entities) must be inspired and armed with knowledge. 

  • The How – Through information sharing, teaching, and apprenticeship, we can localize opportunity in community economic affairs and business. 

  • The What – We design and facilitate instruction to educate community stakeholders(residents & business owners) on asset creation, growth and protection.

About Knox


Through information sharing, teaching and apprenticeship Knox St. Studios leads the conversation on topics relevant to community economic development as well as small business to enterprise level development.

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The Knox St. Studios Makerspace provides real world application to the phrase "back of the napkin" idea.


Venue space that compliments your personality and event theme is critical to hosting a successful event. Our contemporary designed flexible gallery space is ideal for meetings, evening affairs, and artistic display. We offer competitive rates (click here) as well as a special rate for qualified non-profits. If you are a non-profit or a community impact organization, please send a detailed note here.​



In the Spring and Summer of 2018, the Community Cod team set out to provide computer coding access and opportunities to underrepresented youth and young adults Triangle area of North Carolina. Since its coding on wheel programming in partnership with several local McDonalds locations in the RTP/Raleigh-Durham communities, to date, as it has provided hands-on learning opportunities to over 300 youth! 

 2021 and beyond, Community Code will continue to provide programming and services to underrepresented youth and young adults with opportunities to learn about career pathways in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) through hands-on projects that incorporate each of these four elements into the activities our facilitators and volunteer’s lead.

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06  /  16  /  2022

Getting the Tech Bag - How to by Richard Brown

02  /  23  /  2022

Knox St. Studios selected by SBA backed "E3 Durham" program! Advancing entrepreneurship!

03  /  24  /  2021

Apprenticeships Summer 2021-Knox Street Studios Advancing Black Participation in STEM Apprenticeship