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Knox St. Studios Names Selena Haggins, M.Ed. As New Executive Director


The education nonprofit Knox St. Studios is announcing the appointment of Selena Haggins, M.Ed. as its new Executive Director. Haggins is credited with leading the organization’s educational program strategy and defining programs to inspire, empower, and guide young people in minority communities to reach their full potential.

Haggins says she’s passionate about this mission-critical work serving the minority community.“Our priority is to establish long-term community corporate partnerships that support student internships and opportunities in the STEAM field,” she says, “and our goal is to create space for talented young thought leaders, risk takers, and forward thinkers, and celebrate them as they explore STEAM opportunities.”

STEAM fields are the areas of science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics, and the opportunities for students include apprenticeships and internships that allow them to work on STEAM-related projects in, for example, automation, artificial intelligence, engineering design, and digital specialties.

Haggins is also excited to be leading Knox. St. Studios in a new direction. “Seventy-five percent of our programming has historically focused on Black and minority small businesses, with twenty-five percent of our programs serving middle and high school students. We have flipped the emphasis for 2021 and beyond.”

“Our larger focus is to bridge the gap between in-person and virtual design, especially so our students can cultivate their talent and have creative opportunities for expression.” She says, “Because minority students aren’t typically afforded opportunities in their public schools, now is the right moment for corporations to fund nonprofits such as this, by offering professional development opportunities for free or at a deep discount for Black and minority students.”

Haggins, an educator and consultant, offers more than ten years of experience in roles including teacher, reading interventionist, academic director, and elementary school principal.

About Knox St. Studios

Knox St. Studios connects and equips current or aspiring entrepreneurs across the Triangle area of North Carolina and beyond with the skills needed to create businesses, jobs, intellectual property, and community wealth for generations to come.

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